Sunday, 7 July 2013

Tricky speaking "nerves"

Hi all,
Blog number 2 deals with that tricky aspect of speaking called "nerves". In this post I am going to share some great ways to minimise them! The word I used is "minimise", not get rid of. You almost can;t get rid of the nerves. You would not want to. It is  scary thing to be out the front and everyone staring at you.SO, JUST ACCEPT THAT A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF NERVES are NORMAL.

However, that's the thing; you want everyone staring at you! What is worse, would be you looking at the audience and all of them NOT looking at you. So, what you want is for them to be nodding and smiling back and giving you non verbal feedback. If someone is looking down, they may be an auditory listener. So, don;t assume they are bored.

Okay, let's get to these tips. The first one is that if you know your subject and you are passionate about it, you should feel reasonable about speaking to them. Usually, you have been invited to speak, because you are considered very well versed in the topic. If you are not confident on the topic, become more of an expert before you speak. However, you do not need to know everything before you say anything!

Next, when you practice, practise as if you are in front of the audience. This will make you a little more nervous as you go through your presentation, but once you are really there, you will think that you have been there many times; because you have, in your head.

The third tip is very important and related to the last tip. You need to get rid of the negative voice in your head that is telling you things that do not help. You need to focus on what you are saying to the people in front of you, NOT ON WHAT THEY MAY OR MAY NOT BE THINKING OF YOU.

The next thing to minimise nerves is to be well prepared.Most people practise three times. Not enough! I think you need to practise at least 13 times (as if). That way you will be much more confident. Practise the start and especially the end, so you finish on a strong note.

We are have to breathe, otherwise we die. However, when it comes to speaking in front if people, some people hold onto their breath and make themselves short of breath. One of the best ways of feeling more relaxed is to give yourself permission to breathe deeply while speaking. It will give you pauses and volume as well as allow you to speak at a reasonable pace.

Tensing up and relaxing the muscles before you go on is also a good idea. Do this i the privacy of the toilets.
Some people tense up their whole bodies and relax. Other just tense up shoulders  and face. It's also a great idea to go to the toilet before you speak! 

Lastly, walk on tall, take a big breath before you speak, smile and dive off that diving board like a swallow.   The keep flying. You will reach safe shores before you know it.

One thing that I need to add before signing off today, is DO NOT IMAGINE THEM in their underwear! It's rude, sexist and likely to make you giggle! Instead, imagine you are speaking to one friend, one friend, one friend. That way the audience will seem less daunting.

I hoe these tips and tricks work for you. Send me your suggestions. I am always looking for more tips to share

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